A Great Linden Auto Accident Attorney

After you have been the victim of an auto accident in Linden there are some steps that need to be taken. First off if you are injured it is very important that you seek medical attention to ensure that you are alright. If no one is hurt the next step that should be taken is calling the police to ensure that a police report has been made. You will also need to take as many photos as you can of the accident, make notes of everything you remember about the accident and leading up to it. Get the proper identification and insurance information from the other party involved. You will also need to contact your insurance company and inform them of what has happened. You should then call Law Offices of Charney & Roberts LLC are a Linden based personal injury law firm who has dealt with countless auto accident cases.


Auto accidents happen all the time in the state of New Jersey. Your Linden auto accident attorney will know what the courts tend to look at in order to determine if the case will go in your favor or the other parties. They will want to know if any of the drivers were too slow or too fast, were any of the drivers intoxicated, if someone failed to signal, or if they were even on the wrong side of the road.

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