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Sex Crimes Lawyer from Portland

In Portland there are various types of sex crimes that people can be charged with. If you were in public while naked, having intercourse, or showing your genitals in public would be considered the sex crime of public indecency. Another type of sex crime would be prostitution and solicitation. This would be compelling prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, unlawful prostitution, soliciting a prostitution, or even an online solicitation. If you are convicted of a sex crime you could have to register as a sex offender, go to counseling, which is why having a lawyer is your best option.


When you find yourself in a predicament where you were accused of a sex crime you should be contacting a Portland sex crimes lawyer. They will be your best bet at getting a lesser sentence, or helping prove that you were innocent. If you do not have a lawyer your chances of being taken seriously, having your rights protected, or having a successful case are very slim. You need the services of Mark C. Cogan, P.C. who are a criminal law firm in Portland that can help you in this case. They have helped so many people in the state of Oregon with their sex crimes cases and gotten them results that they were after. You do not want to be forced to have this kind of crime on your public record it could affect the rest of your life. Be smart and hire a skilled sex crimes lawyer.

Dog Bite Attorney Sherman Oaks

With animals they can be very unpredictable you need to make sure that they are well trained. If someone else has a dog, they are fully responsible for that dog. To make sure the dog is good, trained, and not vicious. If their dog causes any damage, then it is then on them to be held liable. It is their damage that was done since that dog is theirs. You will want a highly competent and skilled attorney to take on your dog bite case. That is why it is suggested to contact, Fox & Fox Law Corporation a personal injury law firm in Sherman Oaks. They have what it takes to have an aggressive approach for a dog bite case.


Dog bites or animal attacks can happen anywhere. Sherman Oaks is no stranger to dog bites and animal attack cases. You can find a highly skilled and qualified lawyer in that area to help you get the compensation you need from your dog bite case. Your dog bite lawyer Sherman Oaks can help you with more than just the financial compensation. They can also help you with finding a good doctor or specialist to look over your injuries. You need to make sure that your injuries are taken care of, in order to ensure that no more damage is caused, and to get the chance of an infection lawyer.